Curation Corner: TED Talks

I can’t even remember what made me decide to include a couple of TED talks per week into my ‘procrastination schedule’, but I’m glad I did…especially when you consider what Adam Grant has to say in …

 The Surprising Habits of Original Thinkers

  • ‘Originals’ live in a sweet spot between the pre-crastinators [those who ‘panic and complete projects waaaay ahead of time] and procrastinators.
  • Successful originals are often late to the party. A quote from his research: The failure rate of ‘first movers’* was 47%, while the failure rate of ‘improvers’ was 8%. Examples: Facebook came after MySpace. Google came after Yahoo and Alta Vista.
  • “You need a lot of bad ideas in order to get a few good ones.”
  • Originals fear failure just like the rest of us. But they are even more afraid of failing to try.

*I guess you could say they too are originals. Shrug.

Author: TMH

Writer. Former teacher. Baker. Spoiler of dogs.

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