Retirement eCard…

People in swimming pool wanting to get out

Continuing work on my Incomplete Book of Retirement Wisdom, which also doubles as a collection of eCards. I’ve added it to Etsy . Target dates for the rewrite for Draft2Digital [and bookstore availability] is June 7.

Save/download the image above and send it to a retired/soon-to-retire friend or family member.
Better yet…

  • call it up in an image editing program [even a presentation program like PowerPoint will work]

  • slap an even better caption on top of mine or add a personal comment

  • export it as a JPG or PNG, and email/text message it to that person.

And poof! We’re ‘older’…

worried male face

Has this question

ever popped into your mind?

Sometimes, it’s all I need to get moving on my creative projects.

What spurs you to action? Kicks you in the seat of the pants? Whacks you on the side of the head?


Book links are NOT affiliate links. They’re a couple of my favorites they’re worth looking at. [I’ve been linking to Goodreads to give a more detailed overview of a book.]

Have a good weekend, re-tryer-ees! Get stuff done!


Quotation Corner May 5, 2020

Quotations word cloud
From the ‘Do as I share, not as I do’ department:
When you write – explode – fly apart – disintegrate! Then give time enough to think, cut, rework, and rewrite.


From the ‘Cripes, I hate it when people make me feel responsible for my own life’ department…
Sometimes people say to me, “I want to write, but I have five kids, a full-time job, a wife who beats me, a tremendous debt to my parents,” and so on.
“I say to them, ‘There is no excuse. If you want to write, write. This is your life. You are responsible for it. You will not live forever. Don’t wait. Make the time now, even if it is ten minutes once a week.’”


From the ‘Benefits of Setting the Bar Low’ department:
“Always dream and shoot higher than you know you can do. Don’t bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself.”


Julia Cameron: Creativity does not have to be high art

In her book Walking in This World, Julia Cameron writes of the value of doing “something that delights you for no apparent reason.”

Other highlights from her The Artist’s Way post:

  • “Sometimes we get a lot further in our art and in our lives when we let ourselves do a little of what comes easily and naturally.”
  • “Very often a little friendly and easy art can send us back up those other slithery slopes with a bit more humor and optimism.”
  • “This is not to say you have to “give up” high art. Instead, I am saying to try “Hi, Art!” like you are waving to someone friendly out the window of your pickup truck.”

Here’s a recent example of my doing “something that delighted me for no apparent reason”.

** Question: When is the last time you just shrugged and said to yourself, “Why not?”. **

More photos added…and a resource for inspiration

sidewalk chalk drawings

More neighborhood photos added...

And today’s resource:

Finding Inspiration in Uncommon Sources: 12 Places to Look

While I will continue to enjoy and explore our neighborhood, I liked this item’s sections on photography and board games.