Why do you create?

image by Tetiana Shyshkina [Unsplash]

Love this piece by Jake Parker.
His three main reasons:

1. Personal fulfillment

2. Reciprocation

3. Societal Enrichment

His last two lines are my favorites:

“That said, not everyone sets out to impact the world with their art, and that’s perfectly fine.

If a drawing puts a smile on your face, that’s reason enough.”


happy scribbled

I’ve been a little lax in sending you resources and my study of Leonardo da Vinci [Yeah, as if he knows anything…] bore out how important sketching, scribbling, etc. was to his process. It was very much his way of thinking and learning. I’m guessing that somewhere in his thousands of notebook pages he also just plain loosened up with his quill pen on paper made from cloth pounded into a pulp.

sketching journaling

So, here are a few links to nudge you toward putting pen/pencil/charcoal/lipstick/crayon to paper…

By the way–this drawing/sketching/doodling thing? Make it just for you.

Check that annoying purveyor-of-resistance, audience-looking-over-your-shoulder master of self-doubt** at the door. And if all you do is a little doodling to loosen up for your next creative project, bravo!

Enjoy and remember, ‘try new’!

**Sunni Brown, author of The Doodle Revolution calls it ‘The Shadow’. Love that term.





Become An Idea Machine

cogs as a brain
So there I was last week harping at you folks about the power of warming up.

I can’t think of a better way to get that hamster wheel humming than:

Become an Idea Machine:
Because Ideas Are The Currency Of The 21st Century

This gem by Claudia Azula Altucher is just 99 cents on Kindle. [And I think it’s always been 99 cents.]

The book challenges you to arrive at ten or more possible ideas addressing each of the 180 prompts/questions. Check your editor/internal naysayer at the door.

It was just a matter of time before I was creating my own prompts tailored to my interests.

Great fun. Do it!

10 Reasons for Idea Fluency [I’m doing this on the fly…bear with me.]

  1. It loosens the imagination.
  2. It reminds you what it’s like to engage in free thinking.
  3. It might well lead you to a winning idea. By ‘winning’, I mean one that spurs you to action.
  4. It breaks routines that stultify our thinking.
  5. Your brilliance may well surprise you.
  6. It can open you up to new literature, art, or music.
  7. It can open up your senses to what’s going on around you.
  8. It keeps you sharp. Idea-hatching shifts those brain cells from ‘passive consumer’ to ‘active producer’ mode.
  9. You look at things differently. Everything can be a springboard for ideation.
  10. It can kickstart and liven up your daily journal.