perfection is stagnation on chalkboard

Okay, I set the timer to ten minutes for this post on perfection and imperfection.

I have a few posts to share and I called up an image and I hope I get it done in ten minutes to reinforce my point about us creative retirees living with imperfection, but making progress along the way.

[Ghoulish thought alert: It’s not like we have a whole lifetime ahead of us, right?]

In this first post, one of my favorite points–which follows a powerful list of mental obstacles– is:

“All this stopping makes it hard to start.”

In this second post, from SIXTY+ME the writer addresses: 

The Paralyzing Power of Too Many Choices


Too Many Options, So Little Time

Clearly, perfectionism will haunt most of us either hourly, daily, or, if you’re lucky, from time to time.

I’m working under the ‘thumb your nose at perfectionism’ deadline, so I’ll publish now and post on anti-perfectionism strategies later on. Yes, we’ve seen them all, but it’s the reminders that help move many of us forward.

Go create something. Hey! I just did! And if I can, anybody can. 

Have a great day.

Note: Of course I didn’t make it in ten minutes…21 minutes. I’ll take it and see if I learn a lesson about the number of times I tried to polish…and did it make a difference?

Author: TMH

Writer. Former teacher. Baker. Spoiler of dogs.

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