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The Incomplete Book of Retirement Wisdom cover

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Leave your job, pick up the gold watch, and, as you seek newer pastures, read this book and soak in the jaw-dropping insights…

Okay, maybe more jaw drooping than jaw-dropping.


You’re about to retire…or you just crossed the finish line.

Admit it. You need guidance. From someone who’s been there. Someone who prefers to laugh through this. Someone who can occasionally put together complete sentences.

But let’s back up a bit. You have questions about this chapter in your life. And you want answers! Now! Finances! Fitness! TV channel selections! So much uncertainty about this passage into the next life. [I know, sounds like death, doesn’t it? Don’t sweat it. Just a coincidence.]

In this book, I address these vital issues. With a chuckle…a smirk…not quite a guffaw. Well, you get the picture.

My qualifications to write this book? Okay, if you want to be hard-nosed about it…I’m retired! Who would know more about these glamorous days of leisure and productivity than I do?

Time to trot out infomercial-speak……..But wait! There’s more! 

I give you a few simple tech tricks–I said simple!–so you can repurpose these pages into digital or printable greetings of your own. Just think– within minutes–you’ll create digital proof that you too can be a thoughtful, attentive, considerate friend/relative/neighbor/customer of that guy who finally decided selling pet rocks wasn’t going to cut it!

And for a few bucks, you not only get a friend [me] who,

◆ like you, is wending his way through retirement.

◆ like your morning coffee buddy, will offer no answers, but a few laughs.

◆ is giving you dozens of greeting card possibilities that you can send to family and friends [especially if you’re short of cash after buying this book…hint, hint…………….HINT!]

Sample pages: