Retired can simply mean refocused.

There is something about retirement that opens your mind to ‘the finish line’.
Saw this sign a while back in Mt. Vernon, WA.
Found it interesting to witness others’ bucket list items.
One of mine: Visit Canada again…either west coast or east coast. Even better–if/when things calm down, take the CP Rail from one coast to the other.
Another one: FINISH one of my writing/content projects.
What’s on your bucket list? Let that list energize your days.
Not sure how to start a bucket list? Take a look at this interesting categorized list of 200 bucket list items.

What I wish I knew as a creator

I enjoyed this fun I Wish They Had Told Me This Years Ago YouTube video by Julie of Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff.

If you’re interested in meeting more artists, check out the Cheap Joe’s Artspeak series.

Fellow folks on the retirement arc: I’m hoping these occasional posts nudge you forward in your creative pursuits, or nudge you forward to finding creative pursuits.

Derek Sivers…interesting guy with an interesting question for retirees

Derek-Sivers-Word-Cloud what's worth doing

What’s worth doing?

I’ve posted about Derek Sivers on my other blog, but a number of his messages speak to us folks in this ‘next chapter’.


Curating retirement sites…

word cloud with retirement web sites

Been a retiree for a while now. I’m always interested to see what others in my age range are thinking. Here are two I visit two or three times a week and a site new to me.  Here’s an article on ‘how to get creative in later life’ via an interview with Julia Cameron [Author: It’s Never Too Late to Begin Again] This one is directed toward women over 60, but still lots of valuable info for all readers. This post [How to Develop Creative Ideas and Get More From Life After 60] draws from content from the book Wired to Create: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Creative Mind by Carolyn Gregoire and Scott Barry Kaufman. I just recently came across this one and I like the balance of topics.  From this site: Four Reasons Being Creative Will Make You Happier As You Grow Older