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Yes, I’m still as retired as ever.

And sometimes, tired as ever.

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Looking past annoyance…

Yeah, the rest of the world feels like a complete pain in the, well, somewhere on your person.

Okay, not the rest of the world, but let’s just call them the pandemic and the politically whacked-out corners of the world. Quote from a loved one: “This pandemic is pissing me off!”
But here in retirement world, I have to feel grateful…
— for my retirement partner, wife, fellow consumer of baked goods, dog-walking teammate, L, who clearly has a greater capacity/tolerance level for stomaching current events than I do. She can doom-scroll with the best of them.
— for the dog who uses me as his personal piece of comfort-and-security furniture. Currently, his chin is on my lower leg, thus rendering any slight eye-twitch or muscle spasm on my part as an irrefutable message that I am reaching for a food bit to feed him.
— for the pair of mourning doves perched on our fence, within easy reach of my bleary eyes, but brought closer by my trusty binoculars. (And no, neighbors, I only use them to spy on nature, thank you very much.)
— for the fresh-baked 1/2 all-purpose, 1/4 whole wheat, 1/4 dark rye seed bread right out of our oven.

-Bonus! For my ability to still make sense of fractions. [Trigonometry is a whole different ballgame, however.]

— for a day where–even in pandemic times–I have an array of choices of explorations…and distractions.
— for my cameras/phone to record the choice moments of any given day.
— for my/our health to pursue all of the above. [I don’t want to jinx next month’s annual exam, however…]

Here’s hoping you find similar corners of joy, safe from the craziness parade of 2021, aka ‘I’m not 2020, but I ain’t much better’.

Need a quick-and-dirty creativity departure?

A powerful way to unleash your natural creativity | Tim Harford
Slow motion multitasking. Interesting…

3 alternatives to ‘retirement’ or ‘next chapter’

Retirement synonyms word cloud

That whole ‘next chapter’ term I’ve used…there is something just creepy or other-worldly to it.

I keep seeing me sneaking past St. Peter and the pearly gates [‘sneaking past’, mind you…not assuming I’ve earned my way in.] and floating in the stratosphere and dodging all of the satellites Elon Musk is planning to launch and wondering what’s on the menu at Nirvana Cafe and if the coffee is beyond decent up there because if it’s not, then I’ll take my chances back down on Earth…

Anywaaay,’s alternatives to retirement. Blecch!


So, how about:

‘The Roaring 60’s’ [add the decade of your choice]

Prime Time

Youth 2.0



Derek Sivers…interesting guy with an interesting question for retirees

Derek-Sivers-Word-Cloud what's worth doing

What’s worth doing?

I’ve posted about Derek Sivers on my other blog, but a number of his messages speak to us folks in this ‘next chapter’.


Guarding your creative time with a single word…

Despite all those little voices inside you telling you otherwise, when it’s time to create, here is that word…

Ryan Holiday, author of Ego Is the Enemy, The Obstacle is the Way, and Stillness is the Key, among others, shares this advice in:

To Everyone Who Asks For ‘Just A Little’ Of Your Time: Here’s What It Costs To Say Yes

You can only hand so many hours of your day over to other people before there is none left. Even if there are some left, you may have lost the clarity, the energy and the capacity to do anything with them.

Read further about how his ‘calendar anorexia’ is the secret to his success.

Retirees: Isn’t a little free time what you aimed for all those years?

I hope you come away with a few ‘aha!’ moments.

Note: I’ve linked to Goodreads quote pages to give you a deeper look at the books. They are not affiliate links.

Note: Yesterday, I wrote about dashing perfectionism from your creative life. As I write this, there is some weird glitch with the font size for the title Ego is the Enemy above and it’s killing me. BUT, get a grip, Tim, just move on and click ‘Publish’…

Why do you create?

image by Tetiana Shyshkina [Unsplash]

Love this piece by Jake Parker.
His three main reasons:

1. Personal fulfillment

2. Reciprocation

3. Societal Enrichment

His last two lines are my favorites:

“That said, not everyone sets out to impact the world with their art, and that’s perfectly fine.

If a drawing puts a smile on your face, that’s reason enough.”

And poof! We’re ‘older’…

worried male face

Has this question

ever popped into your mind?

Sometimes, it’s all I need to get moving on my creative projects.

What spurs you to action? Kicks you in the seat of the pants? Whacks you on the side of the head?


Book links are NOT affiliate links. They’re a couple of my favorites they’re worth looking at. [I’ve been linking to Goodreads to give a more detailed overview of a book.]

Have a good weekend, re-tryer-ees! Get stuff done!


Julia Cameron: Creativity does not have to be high art

In her book Walking in This World, Julia Cameron writes of the value of doing “something that delights you for no apparent reason.”

Other highlights from her The Artist’s Way post:

  • “Sometimes we get a lot further in our art and in our lives when we let ourselves do a little of what comes easily and naturally.”
  • “Very often a little friendly and easy art can send us back up those other slithery slopes with a bit more humor and optimism.”
  • “This is not to say you have to “give up” high art. Instead, I am saying to try “Hi, Art!” like you are waving to someone friendly out the window of your pickup truck.”

Here’s a recent example of my doing “something that delighted me for no apparent reason”.

** Question: When is the last time you just shrugged and said to yourself, “Why not?”. **