A list of my ideal retirerenew.com readers

They want:

  1. to take forward steps in their lives.
  2. to look ahead to new experiences, not to dread what’s ahead.
  3. a focus on creativity.
  4. affirmations and thoughts and guidance from people like Todd Henry and Austin Kleon.
  5. a lighter touch on retirement and aging issues.
  6. to share their experience.
  7. community, but more on a drop-in basis. No pressure to participate by any means.
  8. some insulation from political and religious discussions and from exposure to the painful goings-on of the day.
  9. an emphasis on good news and laughter.
  10. shared experiences as family members.
  11. shared experiences as pet owners.
  12. a excerpt or chapter or two or more from my fiction/mystery project.

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Stepping Stone #4: As a retiree, I had one job…

“…get whatever is in you out.”

tools of creation 2

Todd Henry began ‘speaking to me’ way back in 2015 when part of my job was to create something ‘new’ or ‘more original’ than what was already out there.

This author/creator of four books [Die Empty, The Accidental Creative, and Louder Than Words, and Herding Tigers–I have the first three.] has been a go-to ‘mentor’ ever since.   NON-affiliate link to his books

Let’s ‘listen in’ to this excerpt from his newsletter that arrived today [March 30, 2018]:

“You have one job: get whatever is in you out. Your one and only job today, and every day, is to get whatever is in you out. Not tomorrow’s work, not yesterday’s work, but today’s. On my computer monitor is a note that reads, “Can I lay my head down tonight satisfied with the work I did today?” If I have made my contribution that day, I can rest with a clean conscience.

Do not be dulled, friends. Do not allow the lull of comfort to cause you to abdicate your contribution. Stay sharp. Keep your edges. Nothing – NOTHING – is worth giving up the most precious thing you have to offer.”


Pep talk: Hey, there is not this vast expanse of creative time and energy in front of us. We have to get to it. Now. Find your creative tools of choice. Start with five minutes. Then maybe ten minutes the next day. And let’s see where it takes us.

Stepping Stone 3: From self-doubt springs comparisonitis.

self-doubt statue

Or is it the other way around?

In reality, they probably work hand in hand.

When everyone on earth was writing more posts, creating more courses, selling more products [no matter that I didn’t have anything to sell nor was I even thinking ‘sales’], it was easy to get drawn into that trap.

And while wrestling with the feeling that I should be doing ‘more’, it would have been nice to have these reminders to gain perspective. [Thank you, Amy Johnson from tinybuddha.com]

Stepping Stone 2: Self-doubt creeps in.


It was a weird thing, but early on in my year, it seemed like there was always an internal tug-of war–Should I do this? Can I do that?

Things in the past as simple as writing a short blog post…”Is the wording exactly right?” “Is there really any value in these words…for anybody?” “Maybe it needs an extra day to cool off.”

Did this uncertainty come from the shift to a new chapter in life?

First post: 12 months of ‘stepping stones’

Greetings, readers.

I retired for twelve months and learned plenty. I’ll be posting my impressions and lessons–I’ll call them ‘stepping stones‘–as a friend, not an advisor, and certainly not as an expert. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Your experiences–whether anticipated or already encountered–may vary widely. Sounds good to me.

Again, I’m just sharing. And if there is some resource or website I can pass along, all the better.

Let’s move forward. That’s what ‘retire-renew’ is all about…