Here are photos that reflect what I’m encountering in daily life that might speak to the mission to create visual art/music/prose/poetry/food.



Posted 4/28/2020

A few photos from our neighborhood walks since mid-March…

These inspirational painted rocks have been showing up over the last three months.


The work of a neighbor who is also a dedicated educator…


Stationed outside to transmit good luck to all passersby.


More good vibes from the unicorn folks.

Posted 4/27/2020

heart in blossom petals reduced
It’s the time of year when the blossom petals form an inviting alternative snow. My wife spun a little artistry and will share it with her students.

hope in blossom petals reduced
Okay, so I couldn’t let my wife have all the fun. About ten minutes later, as she collected other natural objects for future art pieces, I thought I’d add a dose of what we all might use right about now on April 27, 2020.